Product Defect

Product manufacturers and retailers have a duty to sell reasonably safe products that are free of avoidable defects in design or manufacture.   If they fail in that duty and preventable serious injury or death results, justice requires that the seller compensate the victims.  We have extensive experience and access to highly trained experts who can help us determine if a product that caused injury contained a preventable defect.  If an injury or death was caused thereby, we can help the victims put their lives back together by seeking financial compensation from the seller.

Children’s toys should be free of dangerous lead paint.  Vehicle fuel tanks should not explode on minor impact.  Sport Utility vehicles should not roll over on flat pavement during foreseeable maneuvers.  Prescription drugs should not cause sudden death or side-effects worse than the disease being treated. Tires should not suddenly fly apart at highway speed.  Product manufacturers like the rest of us have a duty to take reasonable steps to avoid injuries to the public.   If a person is speeding and running red lights to deliver more pizzas in less time and he kills someone in an avoidable wreck, it is no consolation to the victim’s family that he was motivated by money.  If anything, it makes the tragedy even more difficult to accept.  By the same token, some product manufacturers chose profit over the safety of their own customers.  They make cost-cutting decisions that they know will cost lives, and they figure that defending lawsuits will cost less than fixing the danger. Many examples exist where victims have proven that major manufacturers knowingly or recklessly put the public at unnecessary risk for the sake of profit.  Some of the largest product recalls in history only occurred after lawyers such as us brought light to the problem.  We have extensive experience in handling defect product cases against some of the world’s largest manufacturers.   If a defective product has caused preventable injury or death, we can help seek compensation and, hopefully, convince the product manufacturer to fix the problem and prevent future tragedies.